Wind Load Analysis

We analysis and provide full or partial windload calculation report to complex building goemetries using the national (Eurocode, British Standards).

The starting point for any meaningful engineering analysis is a comprehensive understanding of the loading applied to the system. However, the derivation of meaningful load cases is often complex and requires access to extensive empirical data or advanced FEA and CFD techniques. NFE Structural provides a comprehensive and cost-effective loading calculation service for all forms of structural loading.

NFE Structural is much more than a conventional analysis house; all of our technical staff are experienced and highly qualified engineers with a wealth of real-world experience. The loading calculations we provide are based on accepted best-practise, broad experience across the engineering industry and backed by our world class finite element analysis capability. Our pragmatic and supportive approach ensures that our clients are able to successfully achive the project with the minimum time and expense.

Typical Loading Calculations include:

NFE Structural can provide loading calculations to any relevant international standards Structural Design Calculations can be provided in conventional report format, or alternatively calculation spreadsheets, re-useable design methodologies, macros or bespoke software can be developed as required.

In summary NFE Structural provides a credible, reliable and cost-effective source for all forms of engineering design calculations. Our structural calculations can be used to design, qualify and approve engineering design or to resolve corporate disputes. NFE also develops robust design procedures and bespoke design software.

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